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Microfiber Lens Cloth Case
  As low as: $1.10  
Twist O'Might Silicone Bracelet
  As low as: $1.17  
Sunglasses Clip
  As low as: $1.23  
Tuber's Summer Demi
  As low as: $3.34  
  As low as: $4.29  
Custom Socks
  As low as: $5.50  
Boucle Fringed Scarf
  As low as: $12.14  
Apparel Accessories
Custom Apparel Accessories are a simple way to personalize every day casual wear and stick out from the crowd. Score Promotions allows every day accessories such as scarves, headbands and bracelets to be personalized increasing brand exposure as well as serving a purpose. Choose from a variety of colors and designs suitable for your needs. Hand out these accessories to remind customers why they should choose you.
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