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Shoe Shine Polisher
  As low as: $0.86  
Round Pillcase
  As low as: $0.89  
My Promo Nail File
  As low as: $1.27  
Sure Grip Massager
  As low as: $1.77  
Cloud Hot/Cold Pack
  As low as: $1.86  
Spot Out Mini Instant Stain Remover
  As low as: $1.93  
Spot Out Instant Stain Remover
  As low as: $2.04  
Sun Of A Bug Sunscreen & Insect Repellant
  As low as: $2.04  
Sun of a Beach Sun Screen
  As low as: $2.04  
Jumbo 7 Day Pill Case
  As low as: $2.13  
Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Pack
  As low as: $2.59  
Look Sharp Personal Manicure Kit
  As low as: $2.67  
Zen Garden Mineral Salts
  As low as: $3.43  
Zipper Tote Sun Kit with Sunblock
  As low as: $3.97  
Vanity Personal Care Kit/ Manicure Set
  As low as: $4.83  
Mini Spa Set
  As low as: $5.50  
Total Comfort Spa Kit
  As low as: $6.44  
Comfort Travel Set
  As low as: $17.84  
Personal Care
Daily hygiene and personal care is important to maintain a professional appearance and fight the common sickness. Score Promotions offers a wide variety of custom personal care products. Personal care products are suitable for various health and beauty campaigns that can be handed out to the masses. Thoughtful and useful promotional products are the most impactful and custom personal care products leave a lasting impression. Ideal for travelers personal care products are a must have for all. Contact us now to help you get started.
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