Custom Company E-Stores allow for easy to use interfaces and easy to remember web addresses so that employees can place orders quickly and efficiently. The ability to implement creative product selections at great price points means happy consumers! We provide simple shipping solutions and regular focused maintenance on your E-Store.

Custom Platform for your E-Store

  • E-Store platform is hosted by a leading industry partner specializing in the promotional marketing industry
  • Product variables are vital to our industry and include but are not limited to logo, logo size, logo positioning, customization, colour, and size
  • All designs, build, and maintenance is developed through the Score Promotions in-house E-Store & Programs team
  • Portal consolidates desired variables to provide the most efficient product solution
  • Security and privacy of information
  • Seamless API connection and integration to your company website or internet
  • Ability to change level of accessibility for each user
  • Robust reporting to measure and collect data for decision making and planning purposes
  • Acts as an extension for your internal Marketing Department

Storefront Account Dashboard

Allows access for:

  • Order History
  • Account Balance
  • Product Inventory
  • Budget Information
  • Logos

Robust Reporting System

Includes full report suite allowing access to some of the following reports:

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Product Activity
  • User Accounts
  • Ability to consolidate data from 60 different data fields in order to customize reports

Customized reports can include but are not limited to:

  • Top Product Sales
  • Top User Accounts
  • Products with Low Inventory
  • Products with High Activity
  • Products added to Cart with No Purchase
  • Customized reports are vital decision making

For more information regarding custom packaging please email